This blog aims to provide information on obscure monsters. Which is a rather vague summary, I admit, and therefore here are some clarifications:

Monster – by monster, I mean anything, any creature, any creation that can be considered monstrous. This a nebulous term, certainly, but I’m reluctant to limit myself. This blog is about monstrouness – excess, weirdness, strangeness, and monstrosity. My featured monsters won’t necessarily behave monstrously, but they will all be outlandish in appearance, exist on the margins of society and will probably be at least a little frightening. Also, this blog will provide information on legendary and fictional monsters only – real-life examples will not be considered, for both practical and moral reasons. But anything from film, books, comics, the internet, urban legends and any other medium you can think of will be fair game!

Obscure – this is a little harder to define, and I can offer no concrete parameters for it. Let’s use the following example: you’ve heard about Frankenstein’s Creature, right? Everyone has heard of it, seen Boris Karloff’s performance, heard the term Frankenstein bandied about as a descriptive term for the worst kind of science… But what if I were to say the name Bisclavret to you? What about The Groke? What about White Fell? Or Reynardine? Granted, some of you might have heard of them, but my point is the majority of the people on the street won’t have. They are therefore counted as obscure.

Rationale – for want of a better term! The aim of this blog is to provide information on these obscure monsters. Now, there are already plenty of lists of obscure monsters out there on the internet (just look at my Resources page) but what they don’t offer is detail. I want to take time to get to know these monsters, learn what makes them so intriguing, give them the attention they deserve instead of a quick mention. Also, there will be a distinct academic bent to this website, but if you’re simply a monster fan, don’t let that put you off – this website is going to be as fun as possible. Suggestions welcome!

Links and Resources – while a lot of the information provided here will be my own musings and observations where the obscure monsters are concerned, I will also aim to provide Suggestions For Further Reading, Links to other websites that might be interesting, and where possible pictures and videos of my chosen monsters.

This site is aimed at… well, anyone with an interest in monsters, really. Which encompasses three-quarters of the world’s internet users, but there are some ways of narrowing this down. Firstly – this site will examine some dark and disturbing stuff, so I don’t recommend anyone below the tender age of 16 reading it. Secondly – owing to my background (I’m a nerd with a PhD, on monsters, no less) this blog will have a distinctly academic bent. Anyone looking for something casual and using monosyllables will probably be disappointed. Thirdly – I’m a native English speaker and my command of other languages consists of GCSE French. Which is a shame, as I’m sure there are hundreds of obscure monsters hailing from all corners of the globe, but if there’s no information about them in English, I won’t be able to feature them (sorry!)

Updates – I can’t post everything all at once, if only because I need to research most of these monsters thoroughly! But check back once a month to find out what strange creature has earned the title Obscure Monster of the Month…



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