Just to get you started, here’s Wikipedia’s entry on the Monster:

Den of Geek, what would we do without you? Here’s their list of 10 Forgotten Giant Monster Movies:

And just so fiction isn’t left out, here are 31 Fairly Obscure Literary Monsters courtesy of Electric Literature:

From, here are 15 Obscure Historical Monsters Who Would Improve Halloween Immensely:

This is my friend Hannah’s blog. She’s a brilliant Medievalist and experienced blogger. Her webite focuses mainly on werewolves (hence the name): but it’s a great read:

Folklore Thursday. Although not dedicated exclusively to monsters, it’s still one of the most fabulous websites out there:

Top 5s. This fascinating website is devoted to – take a wild guess – compiling the top 5 incidences of things such as ghost photographs, werewolves, you name it. They don’t focus exclusively on monsters and paranormal phenomena, but this website is so cool and informative it deserves a mention. Plus check out their Youtube channel – the gentleman who narrates the videos has one of the best narrative techniques I’ve ever heard. One last thing – be prepared to lose a couple of hours out of your day when you visit here.


Suggestions for Further Reading

Monster Theory: Reading Culture, edited by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen. If you’re a student studying film or literature, you can’t do better than this. Check it out:



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